When is bedwetting a problem? These are the medical recommendations:

  • Your child is at least 6 or 7 years old and has never been able to stay dry overnight.
  • Your child is troubled by wetting the bed, even if the child is younger than 6 years.
  • Your child was once able to stay dry but has begun bed-wetting again.
  • You are troubled and frustrated by the bed-wetting.

The age of 6 years is a good guideline.

If bedwetting is causing distress, it’s time to benefit from our natural, non-invasive, non-drug method.

If your child also has daytime urine control problems, and you have been trying to help them establish a reliable routine for some time, you may wish to begin earlier than 6 years old.

Many children who have never been dry at night have difficulties that are developmental. Our experience shows that children who were born by Caesarian section or whose delivery was breech, fast or assisted (ventouse or forceps) may be more prone to this problem. 

If your child is on medication, we recommend you contact us. Your doctor is your primary carer.


Soiling may also be a problem.

If the bedwetting relates to the persistence of infant reflexes that influence urine and bowel control your child does not have conscious awareness and control. They are at the mercy of a reflex action.

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